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Football Tips

Football is the most popular betting sport in the world which means there is a vast amount of choice when you are looking for football tips. Everybody has access to detailed statistics which focus on just about every aspect of the game. Consequently, we are all experts and believe we can deliver winning football tips. If it was that easy bookmakers would not offer so many leagues and markets related to football, or they would refuse our bets.

If football generates most betting turn over the English Premier League is the top dog for the number of bets. Any pundit worth his salt must include the major fixtures in England when offering football tips. The most popular betting market is the three-way on the result of a match. You can bet on the home team, a draw or the away team and bets are usually settled on the result after 90 minutes. There are countless websites for football tips for the Premier League in England.

Finding Winning Football Tips

There are many sources for the best football tips but there is so much choice it’s hard to know which to select.Subscription services have a fee and you can subscribe for a month, three months, six months or a full year. The monthly cost of the football tips falls the longer the period of the subscription. At first it’s prudent to invest in your football tips for the shortest period. Proofing is key when you pay for tips.

Any reputable tipping service will provide proofed results for a considerable period of time. Three months is the minimum for a service to prove its worth. This time scale applies to tips for all sports and that means football tips. Racing tipsters can proof their bets to tipping companies who will then market a good service to their list of members and potential customers.

The world and his wife could have tipped Manchester City to beat Lyon in the Champions League at 1/6. Their shock defeats cuppered many football accas and nobody saw that result coming. However, you would now have no hesitation in buying football tips from a tipster who told you to back Lyon at 10/1. City looked like home bankers but let thousands of punters down. Correctly recommending big outsiders to win matches is rareamongst football tipsters but proofed results will help you evaluate services.

How To Sell Football Tips

The best way to sell your football tips is through a third party. Tipping companies maintain a database of potential subscribers who they will contact to promote your football tips. Ideally you must proof your bets for at least three months. If they show a decent profit your bets will be offered on a subscription basis but that is when the real work begins because people are now paying for and betting on your football tips.